Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Everybody's Changing and I don't feel the same

This phrase of song speaks volumes. Have you ever noticed that everyone around you is changing and, because of this you don't know where you fit. I have felt this way a lot lately. I don't know why, i just do. Sometimes i think that in the midst of our changing, we forget who we once were and deviate so far from that person, that it is hard to fit in those who knew you before. Why do we do this? Is it to block out those who care about us? Or is this new person who we really are, and before we were hiding it? Or do we deliberately change in order to pull away from those who we don't want to know anymore?

Friday, February 10, 2006

Smile and nodd

Two things that have received this response this week.

Everyone i work with feeling the need to find me a man and the boy in the car next to me who is obviously checking me out, honestly no need to drive the exact same speed as me the whole time i am on north temple.

Really i am flattered that people think i would have a good time with these people they know, but i am starting to wonder if i have desperate stamped across my forehead. I don't think that i do. Maybe it is because i am 24, single, and LDS, that makes all these women feel that they need to get me married, apparently my ovaries are starting to shrivle. Tw0 years ago i was told i needed to get married becasue Heaven is starting to run out of babies. Oh well i will just have to chance it. Honestly I think that we need to hire another single girl (sans boyfriend) to help balance out this onslaught.

And for you Mr. Blazer, thank you for making my day. I felt that i truely looked like poo yesterday,( greasy hair and my glasses never allow me to feel cute) and that just made me happy, but after a little minute of i started to get a little creeped out. Watch the road, not me thank you. Hitting my car is not going to cause you to win any points. So drive on.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Crossing things off?

I am about to cross off two of my biggest goals on my list. Find a job i actually enjoy, and find my passion, becasue these two are entwined.

A frined of mine from Ricks, with whom i currently work, and I are going to start a business. We have realized that we hate our jobs and could be doing so much more. Right now we are still in planning mode, but wait a little bit and soon we will be out full force. Unfortunately i will not be leaving my other job for at least a year probably. I need the insurance and the steady income, so stick out sewing hell for one more year, then my retirement will be vested and they can't take it form me, and it will give us time to really get things going.

This is a step i have always wanted to do, and now it is finally being realized. I am so excited and yet still so scared, becasue what if i fail? What if no one likes our designs? What if we can't do it? I know that I have the talents and abilities to do something great, but i am still worried. It is normal to second guess your abilities right?

Our main focus is going to be temple ready wedding gowns and modest formal wear, becasue they are needed and there is a market for them here in Utah. And when we say temple ready we mean ones that will work with every type, not just a specific one as so many of the dresses are designed now.

Well wish me luck. Oh and feel free to throw out some name ideas. We are still working on that.