Wednesday, October 19, 2005

I have been physically abused in the ear. I'm Deef!

So today I think that I may have fallen asleep during my mandatory hearing test. Luckily it wasn't for long and I still managed to pass the test in the normal range although there is one tone that was much higher than the others. Oh well.

On a similar topic, how often do we often listen to each other. I mean really listen and hear what isn't being said behind what is. I know that I am horrible at that. There are many times where I have failed to be receptive to the things I am being told. I think that I find it easier to ignore the nonverbal clues and feign ignorance than to actually have to admit I have noticed the deeper meaning, or that I have known all along what is going on. I am very selfish in this aspect. I expect people to notice all that I am saying, and yet don't find myself doing the same. I realized this today. It was brought to my attetion while recalling a conversation that I had recently with a friend. I wanted everything that I was trying to convey to be noticed and yet I am not sure that I was willing to listen to everything he was saying. Emotions are funny that way. I did listen, and I think that I got the point, but it makes me wonder how often I have missed out on the important things that are not being said because of my own selfish desires to not have to be troubled by other people's opinions. That is horrible.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

You're Replaceable?

We all have insecurities that have been rooted in to our personalities, and some times they are a detriment to our social well being. I have plenty of my own, and i am trying to work them out. Where these insecurities come from is any one's guess. Maybe they come from our parents, maybe they come from barbie, maybe they come from being burned one to many times, maybe they come from the adversary. The source differs for each of us, but we mus realize that it is just that. An insecurity that is probably not based in any logic. Life can be crappy at times and we can either deal with it and choose to be happy, or deal with it and make a complete ass out of ourselves in the process.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005


As I was sitting in my institute class last night, I realized I just recieved my answer. I have had several questions lately that I have wanted answered, and all of them, except one, had been answered, and then last night, as we were listening to a lecture on Doctrine & Covenants 25, the answer came to me. It amazes me that I can recieve answers. I am suprised every time that they come, and yet, I know that they shouldn't, that I should know that they are coming, but still, to told so plainly...Maybe I should ask more questions, but I am affraid that I will be pestering. I should be content with the answers that have been given to me, but I want more. I have been told amazing things, and still I want to be told more. Is that wrong? I don't think so. It is only natural to seek guidance when we are concerned, confused, or hurting. But what about when we are happy, content, and growing? Is it wrong to want more when things are going so well? When I have been given so much already?

Monday, October 03, 2005

Help Wanted

Now accepting applications for a skilled laborer. Part-flex time position, with potential to go full time in the future. High yeilding, low turnover, great benefits. Will not work around other jobs, but flexible with schooling.