Monday, May 15, 2006

Secret Smile? Not so much a secret any more because of...

Not killing your GPA like you thought you would
Sunny Days
Circus Animal Cookies
Dinner with the HT
Abba and Madonna back to back on jim
Purple Pants
My nephew, 8, insisting it is ok to wrestle his 2 year old sister if he "takes it easy on her"
Long talks with grandma
Jim and Pam
Becoming DFD free!
Sequined shoes
My Mom
Friendships with sisters
Late night talks with Mantis, Holly, and Cass
3 1/2" Heels
The feel of grass between my toes
Cellular's Laugh
the Parkway
Searingly handsome
Vacations to look forward to
Jack Johnson
Knowing of God's love for me
Never really being alone